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Asphalt Consulting Services by Asphalt Systems

Proper pavement repair can extend the life of your pavement up to 25 years.

As pavement consultants, we know what can cause your pavement to deteriorate,
so we can match the solution to the problem.


Crack Sealing



Paving creates a positive impression about your home or business. It provides a pleasing focal point, and most importantly, it adds value to your property.  Whether you have a new pave or overlay, we can provide you the right information so you can make informed decisions.

All asphalt should be sealcoated every 2-5 years depending on climate, wear pattern, and other natural factors.

Full-depth asphalt:


Steve Johnson

Steve Johnson

Steve Johnson has 45 years of sales experience. This includes 30 years in the asphalt maintenance business, all of which have been in the Boise, Nampa, Caldwell area of Idaho.

He strives to maintain a reputation that is highly regarded and trusted. Steve enjoys sharing his knowledge about asphalt with property owners so they can make more informed decisions regarding the maintenance of their property.